Frontier Dodge
is a Certified Business Link Dealer!

This makes Frontier Dodge the only source for commercial 4500/5500 trucks & Sprinter Vans in West Texas. It also means we have invested in your company with extended service hours, a dedicated staff, free loaner vehicles, shuttle service & next bay priority service. Customers also benefit from being registered with Business Link, with no annual dues, & extra cash back on purchases. Call Ralph at Frontier today or visit Dodge For Business.

Our Top Priority Is Your Bottom Line!

Call Frontier Dodge toll-free at (888) 225-9415 for the No Hassle way to Save Time and Money when you purchase and maintain your commercial vehicle with us as a BusinessLink Member!

Married 27 years, 2 sons, 5 grandchildren

- Began Automotive Career in 1976
- 1990 National Product Presentation Champion
- 1990 Established Fleet & Commercial Management
- 1991-2007 Certified Commercial & Medium Duty
- 2000-2006 Top 25 Medium Duty In U.S.
- 2001-2007 #1 Commercial/Fleet Department in West Texas
- 2007 #1 Government Fleet Sales in South Central Region
- 2005-2008 Top Ten Fleet Commercial & Sales In U.S.
- 2008-Current Certified Chrysler & Business Link Admin